We Provide Exceptional Tailored Care and Support in The Comfort of Your Home

Exceptional Care in Your Home

Our domiciliary services allow you to continue to live safely in your own home, surrounded by your belongings and memories. 

Plus Point Care provides hourly visiting care that is personalised to meet your needs. Our flexible service ranges from 1hour to 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. It also includes sleepover night care. 

We are not just here to support you at home, but also to support you to continue living your life the way you want outside your home. We can escort you to GP appointments, to the mall, to meet up with family and friends. This can allow you and your family to have peace of mind.

Your Care plan

Your Care plan will include the tasks you want assistance with and when. There will be detailed instructions on how your Carer will carry out the tasks. The care plan will be maintained, assessed, and updated according to your visits logs completed by your Carer during each care visit. Our Care management will monitor the care being delivered to you to ensure that you are getting the care you need.

How Our Domiciliary Care is Structured

Morning Visits

A Carer will come in the morning before you wake up to help you with getting out of bed. They will assist you with bathing, dressing, taking morning medication, and preparation of breakfast.

Day Visits

A Carer will visit and assist you with light housework, shopping, accompanying you to medical visits or social events. They can prepare you lunch and make sure you are hydrated.

Night Visits

At night you will get assistance with the preparation of supper, taking of medication, getting ready for bed. Our Carers will make sure that you have a good night's rest. The duration of care visits may vary and depends on the tasks you require us to complete.

How We Can Help

Whether it’s providing assistance around the home, offering companionship, facilitating attendance at work or training, or coordinating and providing support for social outings, we do all we empower dependant people to enjoy a full, dignified and rewarding life.

Personal Care Icon

Personal Care

We provide discreet and sensitive personal care such as bathing, dressing, shaving, and continence.

Meal Preparation

Our carers are specially trained to prepare meals based on a patient's health situation and history

Domestic Tasks

Our carers provide light housekeeping services to clean and organise your home.

Safe Mobility

We make sure that your home is safe to improve mobility and movement whilst minimising falls.

Shopping & Appointments

We can assist you with shopping, managing your calendar and attending meetings with the doctor, friends and family.

Social Activities

Our carers are there to help you plan as well as coordinating and providing support for social outings.


Our carers are trained in Medication management and will prompt you to take medication.


We match you with a Carer that has similar interests and personality with you to ensure that life becomes interesting and enjoyable.

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